Attention: Woman in Menopause (Vegan/Plant-Based) 
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Are you struggling to lose weight and keep it off?

With this app you get:
  • plant-based weight loss recipes (every week a new recipe added)
  • tasty recipes ready within 30 minutes
  • practical training for weight loss (over 4 hours!)
  • a tool to keep track of habits AND weight loss results
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Claudia Kaldenbach dropped 4 dress sizes and 40+ Lbs, now back to her bodyweight of 25 years ago

The Story Behind This App
Our world needs change. Obesity stats are rising, and so is a chronic disease. Our health care can't cope any longer: that's the reality we are living in.

Maybe you failed at many diets in the past (like me) and gave up hope that you can ever get back control. And then menopause comes on top of that, a period in life that weight gain becomes even worse.

I want to empower you to make a change in your life and be the change in the world. Stop with what is not working (99% of diets fail) and learn to improve your lifestyle.

I believe the side effect of our change, is that we inspire others to eat more plant-based. That's my mission and I hope you join me, to create a ripple effect:
Change your body, change (y)our world!

With love and compassion,

Claudia Kaldenbach, Plant-Based Weight Loss Coach & Health Hacker